Profile picture of JohnI’m a semi-retired, opinionated, single, old man.  Sixty-three years old as of this writing and enjoying life’s experiences.  For certain, life is not boring.  I love computers and have for many years.  I used to work as a computer consultant and have worked for a few large corporations, both as an employee and as a contractor, during my career.

Originally from Texas, now I live alone in the hills of the North Carolina Piedmont near Winston-Salem, NC.  I moved to NC in 2005 as a result of getting married.  Unfortunately, that marriage didn’t last and I’m single, again, and a long way from what I’ve known for so many years as home.

I’ve become involved with a Linux PC operating system called Ubuntu. I’ve been using it instead of the very popular system from Washington state and must say, I prefer it many times over. In addition, Ubuntu has a Local Community, which is a group of Ubuntu users, who dedicate themselves to promoting the use of Ubuntu and making it the best operating system for PCs available from anyone.

I have other interests, of course, but Ubuntu is a big one at the moment and offers some interesting experiences and some that really trip my trigger. Those that do that will likely result in a post to this blog.


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